So this is me... Jane Sheppard

Simple pleasures, such as relaxing under the shade of a tree, give me so much joy!
What else gives me joy? Knowing that I have the privilege to share in the life of others.
Photography is like that for me, sharing simple moments of joy. 
Our captured emotions tell a visual story... expressing snapshots of our lives.

Our family photo albums are a real treasure to me. So was my dear grandma. We  sadly said goodbye to her in my late teens, after she suffered many years with Alzheimer's. I had lost the opportunity to make new memories with during those difficult years. Having those childhood memories to hold in my hand is now extremely precious to me. I find myself laughing, reminiscing, cringing, crying... just remembering. In those images, my senses brought her alive again- I could  smell her perfume, hear her voice, feel her cuddle, taste her cooking...
I am thankful that someone was there to capture those moments. This is the reason why I am passionate about creating photographs for others. 
I take photos - so that you can remember too.

When you plan your photo shoot with me, we will consider ways to fill our experience together with joy, wonder, connection, and emotion. 

There may be moments you miss seeing, but I will see them, and I want you to see them too. I want to bless you with images that  reflect what you experienced.

I’m located in South-East Melbourne, Australia. I love to travel, and can make arrangements to travel to you to provide you with my services.

Family photo shoot packages start at AUD$250, contact me for more details and to personalise your experience. 

Enquiries: {e}

I would love to hear from you soon!

LOVE | JOY | HOPE - Jane

photo taken by my dear friend Claudia Correa

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